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Library of Alexandria: Google Glass and Attraction: How psychological science and new technology will transform the dating world

April 21, 2013

Google Glass and Attraction: How psychological science and new technology will transform the dating world

More and more news has been coming out about Google Glass over the past few weeks and it really looks like an impressive product.  I am sure there are a million different things that people are going to think of applying this technology towards but the prospect that intrigues me the most is one of pairing this new technology with different aspects of psychological research. For example, let us consider attraction. 

There are a number of indicators of attraction; for example, a quickening pulse, increases sweat response, pupil dilation, and changes in voice pitch.  Now, there may be some amazing peripherals for use with Google Glass in the future that provide the user with all kinds of biofeedback and there may be apps developed that allow for the sharing and collation of this data for various purposes but for the most part not all of those indicators are particularly useful with current Glass technology. However, some might be.  It should be relatively trivial to program an app that measures changes in the pitch of a person’s voice and provides some kind of measure of attractiveness. Further, pupil dilation should probably be measurable as long as the target individual is within a certain range.  My guess is that some composite of these two measures would potentially yield a fairly useful measure of an individual’s level of attraction to the user.

If technologies like this pan out the dating world is in for some interesting times. Surely otherwise oblivious individuals would suddenly have this whole invisible world opened up to them.  Whether or not they make effective use of this new data will be another issue all together.  But this could make for some difficult times for some individuals as well. Some could be smacked in the face with a harsh reality and their attraction meters may ping so infrequently or not at all that the user’s worst nightmares could be confirmed. Of course there will be some issues/contention over the reliability of such a device so that those with unfavorable results can always fall back on denial and cognitive dissonance to ease their minds. 

"Glass, save Jenny data and remind me to call her on Sunday afternoon"

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At May 3, 2013 at 3:32 AM , Blogger payton lee said...

That's a pretty interesting hypothesis. Have you written anymore articles on technology, and i.e. psychology? Link please:) thx.

At May 3, 2013 at 9:05 AM , Blogger Daniel Kroner said...

I am glad you enjoyed the article! Yes I have. You can find all of my psychology related articles here: http://lofalexandria.blogspot.com/search/label/Psychology

and all of my technology related articles here: http://lofalexandria.blogspot.com/search/label/Technology

Also, have a look at the labels on the right, gives a good break down of the topics I have written about.


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